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Passionate About Inspiring Others

My life and my work are the same. I live as 'wholly' as I am able, and share that with others whenever possible.  I love to be in nature: hiking, camping, sailing... you name it!  I also am learning the importance of body-focused presence,  spending more time on my yoga mat.  I love to travel and have lived abroad; though the American West feels most like home, I return annually to the Peruvian jungle for spiritual connection.  Through it all I have learned that the life we are given is not unalterable; it can change in deeply satisfying ways if we approach it with intention.  


My goal is to improve one’s sense of well-being by fostering greater emotional intelligence, communication skills, and body-awareness.   As this occurs, our relationships improve; as we begin to heal ourselves, we provide that for our communities.  Ultimately we are choosing to engage in "soul work," a deeply beautiful process which allows us to claim a more enriching, fulfilled life. 


I am deeply called to this work, as it has been my own personal process as well.  When I stumbled upon therapy (working as a guide in a wilderness therapy program), I had no idea how much I needed it myself!  Until that point I was merely “surviving” (though I didn’t know it), enacting generational patterns I had inherited.  I had emotional blocks, reactive fear, and a “lonely void” I could not identify or fill.  Over the years I’ve had to sit through my own grief process, face my fears and weaknesses, and learn to connect first with my core self , and then with others, in a manner authentic to me.  This process has been beautifully painful, then healing, and now inspiring.  It has been so worth it, and I am eternally grateful for all of it…including the struggles that inspired such personal growth.   I fully believe this is available to all of us, and I hope you seek this process for yourself and your community. 

However, it is important to understand that coaching is not therapy (see coaching vs. therapy).

  • 2020    HeartMath Certification

  • 2013   Marriage and Family Therapist License Hawaii #347        

  • 2008   M. A. Counseling Psychology, National University, Redding, CA 

  • 1996   AK State Teaching Certification, University of Alaska Southeast, AK     

  • 1993   B.A. English; Secondary Teaching Certification, University of Iowa, IA ​          

  • 20 years experience

  • Licensed clinician offering Coaching Services

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