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WEB-BASED coaching
Please note that I have numerous resources and can help formulate Personal Wellness Plans and Family Agreements upon request. 


All sessions are either 30 or 50 min, and can be scheduled as desired (weekly, bi-weekly, or as-needed).  

While under contract, I am available via email or text/Whatsapp for questions, resource sharing, etc.  If written communication becomes extensive, I will suggest we schedule a call.  

Family members may join/utilize call times with consent and confidentiality agreements. 



Sliding scale $120 - $250  HR

                     ($60 - $125 x 30 min)

$120 student rate, long-time clients (over 2 years)

$250 - family sessions

Call Packages Offered:

10 x 50 min = $1200

8 x 50 min = $1050

5 x 50 min = $650
3 x 50 min = $400

1 x 50 min = $150

1 x 30 min = $100

6 x 30 min = $500

Workshop and classes 

Please contact for more information regarding stress-reduction workshops, parenting seminars, and virtual weekend retreats 


I have co-founded Rooted Connections Retreats to help facilitate nature retreats in a variety of incredible locations (Alaska, Washington, Utah, etc).  Each retreat is a bit different in location, clientele, personal growth curriculum, etc. 

See  “Upcoming Retreats”or check out 


Abbreviated or focused coaching usually to address a specific need within a particular environment.

Trip itinerary and costs TBD based on needs and logistics:

           * $300 per travel day (covers travel time as well as meals, etc)

           * $800 per day on site (includes 4 hours of counseling; extra hours provided as needed - $150 per hour)  

           * Transportation costs (flight, parking, car rental or Lift/Uber)

           * Lodging (or $100 per day if staying on site)

           * Meal stipend -  $40 per meal (when not provided by family)

Note: Trip itinerary and costs TBD based on needs. A deposit will be charged to cover travel expenses, personal expenses and professional fees (the amount will be agreed upon before the service is contracted). An addendum will be used for the specifics of this option.

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