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I offer a free, 45-minute consultation call for prospective clients.  If we decide to work together, there are a variety of contracting options available:

We will communicate via Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom, or phone.  In between calls, I am reachable via email, text, or WhatsApp for questions or needs that arise; I will generally respond within 48 hours. If a written exchange becomes particularly time-intensive, I will suggest we schedule an extra call.

I offer support to individuals as well as families. When working with multiple family members, I do protect individual confidentiality (unless there is a threat of harm, etc.)  However, if concerns arise that warrant more open communication, I will suggest we engage in a group call to protect the health of the family system.

I generally use Venmo for billing; I will send you an invoice at the beginning of each contracting cycle, and will need to receive your payment before the first call of that period.


Termination is inevitable (and our ultimate goal!); I request we plan our termination at least two calls in advance to bring closure to our experience. 

If we choose to work together, I will request that you sign a confidentiality and liability waiver; I also provide a goal setting questionnaire so that we may get started in a more meaningful way.  

               I hope to hear from you; please contact for more information!

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