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I offer a FREE 45 minute consultation. Contact me to book!

It's time to thrive!

Deep within us all, exists an inner wisdom and innate healer. When we learn to listen to this intuition and connect with our most authentic selves, we fundamentally heal and evolve.  We feel more content and joyful, our relationships become richer, and we begin to realize our goals and dreams.  


Whatever the circumstance, the time is now!

If you are suffering hardship, navigating a life transition, or just feeling a bit too ‘flat’, the opportunity has  arrived for an intentional, transformative process.  I can help you access your inner truth, process and release negative thoughts and beliefs, and engage in a healthier lifestyle. 

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My Unique Style of Coaching

My unique ability to maintain professional boundaries, including objectivity and confidentiality, stems from my therapeutic background and clinical training. 


Individual Coaching

Embracing our Authentic Self is Soul Work, which is my passion and purpose. Before we can thrive in other relationships, we must become whole and healthy in relationship with our Self.


Couples Counseling

I utilize numerous resources gleaned through years of personal and professional work to support healthy attachment and relational communication for greater intimacy. 


Family Counseling

I draw on my clinical training and experience to support the family system through developmental transitions for healthy attachment and appropriate individuation.


Organizational Coaching

I provide leadership training to support structural management, organizational efficiency, interpersonal communication, and teamwork. 

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Stress Reduction

Approximately once a quarter, I offer a free Stress-Reduction Workshop which is open to the public.  As a certified HeartMath practitioner, I share scientifically-proven techniques and resources.  Join my mailing list for future offerings. 




Rooted Connections


I have co-founded Rooted Connections Retreats to facilitate opportunities for growth in a variety of incredible locations (Alaska, Washington, Utah, etc).  Each retreat is a bit different in location, clientele, and personal growth curriculum; we offer trips for individuals, some for women only, some for whole families, and some specifically for parents.

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Personal & Family

I offer weekend workshops for individuals, couples, and family systems. Whether that is here, in the awesome Pacific Northwest, or closer to home, I will work with you to create the necessary elements for a healing experience. 

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I can help you.
I work with:

Stress and Anxiety • Guilt and Shame • Grief and Loss • Life Transitions • Identity Development • Healthy Intimacy • Relational Communication • Family Dynamics • Parenting support • Health Concerns • Psychedelic Support and Integration 


What my clients are saying

"Working with Kelly has been a privilege to say the least. Kelly has helped me overcome barriers I did not even realize I had. She is intuitive, passionate about her work, and really cares for the people she talks to. She is real and she is deep. Kelly always has something meaningful and eye opening to bring to the table. But most of all she is a good friend, I wouldn’t want to talk to anyone else".

-  Sophia G

"Kelly helped our family through an extremely difficult time.  She was able to connect with our son and gain his trust.  He knew she was his advocate.  Kelly has a unique intuitive ability to see beyond what is being said to uncover the real issues. We feel extremely grateful to her and know if it weren’t for her guidance we wouldn’t be celebrating the many successes our son has had.  Words are insufficient to adequately describe all she has done to help heal our entire family".

 - Maureen T,  Palo Alto

"I met Kelly at a real crossroads in my life and my experience working with her was profound. As a coach, human, and friend Kelly is someone I continue to turn to. She helped me establish a real relationship with myself and I'll forever be grateful for her insight and wisdom."

-  Brian M, L.A.
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