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Life Coaching is not therapy

What is Life Coaching and how is it different than therapy?


Life Coaching is a here-and-now, solutions-focused approach.  It is strengths-based consulting, geared to capitalize and hone what is already working while identifying current struggles and supporting future goals.


Therapy, on the other hand, is indicated for people who may be experiencing acute or chronic emotional crisis.  Therapy supports those who seek to address deeper unresolved issues such as grief and trauma, debilitating anxiety or depression, acute distress within relationships, or pervasive existential angst. It is complex work, often exploring the past as it relates to the present.


People seeking a Life Coach may include individuals or families looking to clarify and refine goals and maintain positive momentum, adolescents / young adults exiting therapeutic programs, parents looking for extra parenting support, or workshop participants looking to maintain focus beyond the retreat setting.


These services are not appropriate for persons needing deeper therapeutic treatment.



If you feel you may be in crisis, please contact 911 or your local health care services.

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