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Free Stress-Reduction Course

I offer hour-long, zoom-based, stress-reduction workshops to enhance our emotional, physical, and relational health.  This is free to anyone who is interested.  

I am a certified HeartMath practitioner and have been trained to offer simple breathing techniques that are scientifically-proven to reduce stress and enhance health.  I’ll share those techniques, as well as the proven benefits. This is a calming practice; there is no labored breathing, etc.


You will be seated (or lying down) for the majority of this workshop, so you’ll want to make yourself comfortable. Though the practice is simple and easy to remember, you may want to have a journal handy for personal reflection and integration.  


We will initiate the call with a quick, optional round of introductions/ hellos; you can keep your video off if you’d prefer. Once we get started, I’ll ask that you mute your audio unless intentionally speaking to the group.  At the end, there will be opportunity for comments and questions.


By joining my mailing list, you’ll learn when these workshops are offered, as well as other workshops and retreats. If you know of someone who would also benefit, please forward this information to them; I will share a zoom link with those who sign up. 

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