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"Kelly helped our family through an extremely difficult time.  She was able to connect with our son and gain his trust.  He knew she was his advocate.  Kelly has a unique intuitive ability to see beyond what is being said to uncover the real issues. We feel extremely grateful to her and know if it weren’t for her guidance we wouldn’t be celebrating the many successes our son has had.  Words are insufficient to adequately describe all she has done to help heal our entire family".

- Maureen T,  Palo Alto

"Working with Kelly has been a privilege to say the least. Kelly has helped me overcome barriers I did not even realize I had. She is intuitive, passionate about her work, and really cares for the people she talks to. She is real and she is deep. Kelly always has something meaningful and eye opening to bring to the table. But most of all she is a good friend, I wouldn’t want to talk to anyone else".

-  Sophia G

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"I met Kelly at a real crossroads in my life and my experience working with her was profound. As a coach, human, and friend Kelly is someone I continue to turn to. She helped me establish a real relationship with myself and I'll forever be grateful for her insight and wisdom."

-  Brian M, L.A.

“When I first started seeing Kelly I was not only “stuck” in a destructive and unproductive phase in my life but I also had no vision for my future and no confidence in my identity. Kelly was the key to unlocking so much of my potential by allowing me to separate myself from fact and fiction and find clarity in my choices. She taught me about responsibility and authenticity and guided me to a place where I was able to thrive and manifest the life I always dreamed of. I cannot thank Kelly enough for changing the trajectory of my life and I will forever be grateful for our time.”

- S.S. age 23


There are not enough words to describe Kelly and the way that she understands, listens, gives advice and sheds light on each and every situation. I met her when my son was at boarding school and she has been a part of our family ever since. I am beyond grateful to have her in my life as a friend, therapist and confidante. 


Simply put, Kelly has a unique and genuine way of relating to others and gaining their trust. She also has a remarkable way of pivoting as circumstances change and helping me start from scratch when needed.  I feel blessed that our paths crossed when they did and am lucky to have her in my world.

- Jen B.

"My husband and I have been fortunate enough to work with Kelly in the midst of raising our teenage children . What initially began as parent coaching has easily morphed into life coaching , marriage support , and healthy self development .  Kelly is warm , open , genuine and safe . Couple those innate qualities with the training and experience of a clinically savvy professional, and you have a unicorn ! We highly recommend Kelly and will be happy to personally speak with anyone on her behalf!"

- Tricia

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"For several years now, Kelly has been providing guidance for me and my family as we navigated the difficulties of a split up family, and blending a new family and step-sibling in remarriage.  There are plenty of challenges that come up and Kelly has been helpful to us consistently.  She has helped me approach some situations with peace and compassion, when those weren't necessarily the first inclinations.  I recommend her as a clear and helpful counselor."

- Anonymous

"We can't say enough positive about Kelly Weld! She has been an absolute gift to our son and to our whole family. The first time I met her, I felt a connection because of her warmth and amazing listening skills. We met Kelly during her final year as a lead therapist at a wonderful therapeutic boarding school. We were so thankful that she started a web/phone-based coaching business so our teenage son could continue working with her.  Our family worked with Kelly for 4 years. Her wisdom, empathy and vast counseling experience helped us navigate some really complicated issues. Our son really connected with her and they developed a trusting therapeutic relationship. She held him accountable, challenged him, and most importantly, he knew she truly cared about him. Kelly is expert counselor. She is experienced, deeply thoughtful, authentic and courageous.  We highly recommend her! The ultimate testimony came recently when a close relative was struggling and needed a counselor. Our 18 year old son said "Give her Kelly's info! She can help her. She's the BEST."

-  Erin. B (parent)

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"Our leadership team was undergoing some interpersonal conflict and guardedness. Kelly came in with a warm and genuine energy that allowed us to break down some of the barriers that had been standing between us and authentic communication. Her insight helped us gain some clarity on ways to move forward. A subsequent visit made sure that she left us in a good place, and helped us navigate some difficult transitions within our team. "

-  L Martin

"Kelly is a masterful facilitator. She provided our group with just the right amount of guidance and education while giving us time and space to flow organically into areas we needed to explore as a team. She does it all with incredible ease, graciousness and warmth. We look forward to the the next time we get to work with her."

-  Vashti S

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