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Rooted Connections Retreats

I have co-founded Rooted Connections Retreats to facilitate opportunities for growth in a variety of incredible locations (Alaska, Washington, Utah, etc).  Each retreat is a bit different in location, clientele, and personal growth curriculum; we offer trips for individuals, some for women only, some for whole families, and some specifically for parents.

Personal & Family Retreats

I offer weekend workshops for individuals, couples, and family systems.  Whether that is here, in the awesome Pacific Northwest, or closer to home, I will work with you to create the necessary elements for a healing experience. 

Past Retreats

Tuscon Women's Retreat

Our Tucson Women's Retreat is located in the heart of Saguaro country. Our home base is a beautiful rental home; our focus includes a full moon hike and ceremony, creative arts supported by a local artist, personal astrology readings, and a high ropes course challenge. This retreat combines "front country comfort" with personal expression within the natural environment.

Women's Retreat, San Juan Islands

This "Soul Seeker, Women's Retreat" through the San Juan Islands of WA is designed for the introspective who seek to discover a deeper part of themselves. This sea-kayaking trip will have a strong focus on self-reflection and personal ceremony; individualized pre and post-trip curriculum and support will be emphasized.

Alaska Family Retreat

During our Family Retreat to Alaska, we are supported by Breakwater Expeditions as we sea kayak and shoreline camp through the grandeur of Prince William Sound. This "All Souls Welcome Journey" is designed for individuals, friends, and families who want to have fun in the midnight sun. This is a truly incredible expedition in one of nature's most awe-inspiring locations.