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Organizational Coaching

Trained as a Marriage and Family Therapist, I often work from a “systems perspective” and am versed in structural theory, relational communication, and group dynamics. I have worked in various administrative roles directing staffing teams, and have a teaching background and so recognize the need for healthy group management! 


Within my private practice, I’ve been contracted to consult with a local organization’s leadership team, offering experiential workshops to improve cohesiveness and communication. In the feedback survey, this two-day seminar was reportedly effective  weeks after its offering.  


If your organization is struggling with effective cooperation and cohesion, contact me for more information; I’d love to help your team coalesce! 

Image by Matt Hoffman
“Our leadership team was undergoing some interpersonal conflict and guardedness. Kelly came in with a warm and genuine energy that allowed us to break down some of the barriers that had been standing between us and authentic communication. Her insight helped us gain some clarity on ways to move forward. A subsequent visit made sure that she left us in a good place, and helped us navigate some difficult transitions within our team.”

- L Martin

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