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Life Coaching Calls

All sessions are either 30 or 55 minutes, and can be scheduled as desired (weekly, bi-weekly, or as-needed).  

While under contract, I am available via email or text/Whatsapp for questions, resource sharing, etc. I will generally respond within 48 hours, and am most responsive during the work week. If written communication becomes extensive, I will suggest we schedule a call.  

Family members may join/utilize call times with consent and confidentiality.

I offer a sliding scale as well as call packages; please inquire as needed.

For billing options, please find me via Venmo, PayPal, or request my mailing address to send a personal check.

Standard Rate

$175 per 55 min call

$100 per 30 min call

Call Packages

10 x 55 min = $1450  

8 x 55 min - $1200  

5 x 55 min  = $775     

3 x 55 min  = $475     

6x 30 min = $550  

On-Site & Home-based Options

On-site options are abbreviated or focused coaching, usually to address a specific need within a particular environment.

A deposit will be charged to cover travel expenses, personal expenses and professional fees (the amount will be agreed upon before the service is contracted). An addendum will be used for the specifics of this option.  

Trip itinerary and costs TBD based on needs and logistics:

  • $400 per travel day (covers travel time as well as meals, etc)

  • $800 per day on site (includes 4 hours of counseling; extra hours provided as needed)  

  • Transportation costs (flight, parking, car rental or Lift/Uber)

  • Lodging (or $100 per day if staying on site)

  • Meal stipend -  $30 per meal (when not provided by family)


Itinerary and cost TBD based on location, lodging, etc

These retreats are highly individualized and co-created. Once needs have been identified, a deposit will be charged to cover initial expenses (lodging, travel if necessary, etc); the amount will be agreed upon before the service is contracted. An addendum will be used for the specifics of this option.  


Set up a FREE consultation

Contact me to see if we're the right fit to work together.

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