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I look forward to working together and helping you refine

and pursue your goals, working toward greater fulfillment and wholeness.

Deciding to live more fully and with intention takes a measure of personal awareness and courage. Who you choose to work with on this journey is an important decision, as is the kind of support you truly need. Life Coaching is not Therapy, though it can help address deeper healing if you are willing to do the work.

Life Coaching is a “here-and-now”, solutions-focused approach. It is “strengths-based consulting” geared to capitalize and hone what is generally already working, while identifying and supporting future goals.


Therapy, on the other hand, is indicated for people who are experiencing acute or chronic emotional crises interfering with daily life. Therapy tends to address deeper unresolved issues such as debilitating anxiety or depression, acute distress within relationships, or pervasive existential angst. Please be clear about the difference in focus, and be sure you

are pursuing the best approach for you at this time.

Who I am as a Life Coach

I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (and a former teacher) who has counseled individuals, couples, and family systems for over 20 years. I’ve facilitated numerous multi-day, experiential family-immersion workshops, and have formulated parenting seminars and leadership training for a number of organizations. I’ve had excellent mentors who have exposed me to a variety of concepts and resources, and yet my own life process has been

my greatest teacher.

I believe that all of life is a process of growth....and the more consciously we do this, the more easily and fully we obtain our goals and dreams. I love supporting people in their own evolution, and I continue to be a ‘personal-growth seeker’ myself. I continue to attend and facilitate workshops, seeking fresh ideas and resources. I engage in mindfulness practices and share HeartMath techniques with my clients. I balance my ‘alone time’ with a loving

community and family, which I find instrumental for continued growth. I have traveled extensively and lived abroad; I now call the Pacific Northwest home. I find awe and inspiration in Nature and ceremony. Mostly, though, I love to learn and expand my understanding of what is possible. As such, I am open to ideas, feedback, and mutual development in our working relationship.


Basic Shared Agreements

  • Coaching Packages can be modified or renewed based on need and mutual agreement; please clarify before beginning a new service term.

  • Coaching Services will be billed at the beginning of each package via * Venmo / personal check. Receipt of payment is required to commence initial services.

  • Each session is 55 min (or 30 min) and takes place via phone, zoom, or skype call (please note that Skype is not HIPPA compliant).

  • We agree that we will show up at the mutually-scheduled time for our coaching session and that if you have to reschedule, you will do so with a minimum of 24 hours notice (notwithstanding a crisis).

  • Coaching fees are non-refundable should you decide to “quit” the process. If you wish to terminate services, please inform me with at least one final session for proper closure and resource sharing.

  • I welcome communication between our calls via email ( if there is a situation that needs some perspective. I can generally respond within 48 hours (and often sooner), and am most accessible mid week. Please note that if issues require lengthy email exchange, I will suggest a follow up call for clarification.

  • If you need to schedule an additional call, you can contact me via email or text (preferred for more immediate needs).

Statement of Intent

All coaching services delivered by Kelly Weld are meant to challenge, inspire, and support you psychologically. However, coaching is not psychotherapy. Life coaching may augment your therapy, but the work of coaching is meant to be done when major emotional and psychological wounds are already healing or healed.

In that spirit, please read the following and sign below ~

Thank you. This form has been submitted.

Confidentiality Agreement

The conversations that we have within our coaching sessions are confidential and will be protected as such. Information will be shared outside of our sessions only with your written consent or if a Court Judge demands it. However, the following are instances where I would be obligated by law to break our confidentiality agreement without your permission:

  • If it is assessed during your participation in coaching sessions that abuse or neglect of children or elders is occurring.

  • If, in my presence, you threaten to kill or harm another individual, and I am convinced that you will act on this threat, or that you may lose control of your actions.

  • If at any time during the course of our sessions I determine that you are a danger to yourself, I will inform you of that opinion and make every effort to keep you from endangering your life. In some cases, this may include notifying the police or family members.

  • If you are a minor (or are still being resourced by your parents) I intend to maintain your confidentiality; however, I also encourage you to share important information with your guardians and will support that process as needed.

  • When working with multiple members of a family, I will maintain objectivity and individual confidentiality. To ensure that communication within the system is healthy and productive, I may encourage family sessions as well.

Thank you. This form has been submitted.

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